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Moving to Australia to start living the dream

I moved from England to Australia to start Living the Dream I was born and raised in the UK and after getting made redundant from Vauxhall Motors in Luton, now live and work in Western Australia as a Business Improvement Coach. Moving to Australia was all about having an adventure with my wife and experiencing something […]

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knee defender British Airways

All this talk of #kneedefender on flights brings back memories of my trip from London to La Paz, captured in my adventure travel book Round the Bend. “As British Airways lifted us gently from England, my eyes closed for a few moments of bliss. A movement from the seat in front disturbed the solitude as […]

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Tupiza Tours

Extract from Round the Bend “Llamas grazed on small pockets of greenery, lifting their long  necks momentarily as we raced across the savannah. We stopped to watch pink flamingos feed delicately in the shallow lagoons, oblivious to the smell of methane weeping from the cracked earth. As we traversed the open plateau our vehicle struggled […]

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Are you moving to Australia?

So what’s it really like to live and work in Australia? Over the next 365 days I am going to attempt to capture a few snippets of everyday moments life Down Under. If you are thinking of moving to Australia it may help you see what life is really like. From shopping trips, to work, […]

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Camping in Australia tips

Australians have a love affair with camping. If you are after some camping in Australia tips, then summer in Albany is a special place. This is an excerpt from an article I wrote about Albany, which was published in the West Australian Travel Section (readership 700,000). “As our car enters the town, a signpost declares […]

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Pie and Mash in London

In my quest to have some my work published, I have written a number of articles for the West Australian newspaper (Travel Section). With 700,000 readers each Saturday, it was a great experience and I also got paid. Here is the first paragraph from each article, with a link to the West Australian website where […]

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